View Full Version : H1B EXPIRING, Applied for F1 - Need some Advice, please!

09-17-2013, 11:19 PM
Hi Everyone - I need some accurate advice and thank you for your help in advance...
To begin with I'm screwed... and Idk how the heck to sort this out...

I'm an Indian and here we go..

1. I came to the US 6 years ago on H1b and NEVER filed for my Green Card, never started even, only because I wasn't sure if I'd live and work here following my H1b duration but now I do wanna live here and keep working but my H1b will expire in couple of weeks..
2. I applied for, "Change of Status" to F1 only because they said was the only way out to keep living legally in the US.. Awaiting a decision from USCIS, its still pending since over a month now..

I think I will be on F1 soon, but now there might be a potential job offer from a great company and I have no idea how to pursue legal employment, is there any other way out? Other than me investing a mil or marrying a Cit?

IS there a way to apply directly for Green Card, now that I've been here for 6 years legally? Money isn't an issue at all, fast processing - no matter what... any help from the best immigration lawyers???
Please, if you've been through or know a way out that I could continue my employment in the US, it would be very helpful...
Thanks! :cool: