View Full Version : Passport Expiration Year changed using Observation

09-17-2013, 05:50 AM
Few years back, in 2006, to renew my Indian passport, i sent all the reqd. docs to SFO Indian consulate. They issued me a new passport with Expiration year - 2012 instead of 2016 by mistake. But they themselves noticed that mistake because i saw an 'Observation' they added on Pg 5 of my new passport saying that the Expiration year for this passport needs to be read as 2016 with the Consular officer signature, Consulate stamp etc present there.

I am now a Green card holder and planning to fly to India in a couple of months. I was wondering if this 'Observation' would pose any problems for me at Indian airport or at Singapore airport (planning to take Singapore airlines flight) or when i try to get back into US after my visit. Please advise.

09-17-2013, 08:06 AM
Is not it crazy. I recently renewed my passport and had to collect hundred documents and write a "Book" and fill several forms and they did what ? Wrote the name of wife wrong . I sent it back again and after another 2 months they wrote "Observation" on the figth page saying that my wife name is ... instead of ....