View Full Version : H1B expiring in 1 year.

07-09-2013, 11:39 PM
If my H1B expired and my company is forced to terminate my position. Are they still responsible for the cost of moving and severance?

Got 1 years left on my H1B and wondering if I switch to another company will my H1B be extend or expired as it will be the 6th year.

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong thread. My company recently tried the Labor process and failed...so just trying to see what options I have available. The only reason it fail was that the position is based on the Job profile 6 years ago. My friend tell me that I should transfer jobs and have my new company process the PERM with a new job profile as my experience with the old company will be included giving me a better chance on a successful PERM.

Any advice is really appreciated.