View Full Version : Interfiling: Urgent Help please

07-04-2013, 04:28 PM
Hi All,
I have a few questions on interfiling:

1. My EB3 PD is Mar 2004, and is current right now.
2. Can lawyer send interfiling request along with the premium processing I-140 application, if labor is approved.
3. If so, then do I need to send the typical list of documents for 485 filing like date of birth, marriage, passport, medical etc etc that I have already done in 2007 during that July bulletin.
4. Does not interfiling mean "Please approve my pending 485 in EB3 category, using this new EB2 I-140, ". And that way I dont need to apply for a new 485 and go through that filing fees and document list
5. In that case dont they already have all the documentation needed for 485 that we send in Jul 2007
6. Does interfiling automatically apply to spouse also, and spouse need not send any documents now.
7. Many are getting RFEs these days. What do they want. Anything specific to EB3 porting
8. Am I at a risk right now, due to huge forward movement of dates in next bulletin, how can I avoid the risk, if so.
9. Any other points are highly appreciated

Any help in advice in this will be considered precious,invaluable, highly appreciated and will be automatically be eligible to get box of premium candy when I am through . All you need to do (in case I forget your favor) is to remind me when you see my 485 status as approved. Will I forget your help, or come back here to thank you.. .. you got it.. :)

Thank You,