View Full Version : Travel between jobs - AP/H1B

07-03-2013, 09:50 AM
My H1B and my wife's H4 were scheduled to expire in Aug of 2013. I lost my job and my employment ended on May 29, 2013. My EAD and AP expire in April of 2015. Now, there is a need to travel to attend a family event in India.

1) Can I travel to India and come back with AP if I have an offer letter in hand (while entering U.S.) from a new company? Specifically, is it enough if I just have the offer letter but have not started working yet as of re-entry? I wouldn't have any pay statements from the new employer. I am also assuming that the offer letter is not required while going from U.S. to India.
2) While traveling with AP, is there any process (such as H1B stamping) that I should be aware of?
3) What happens to the H1B and H4? My understanding is that they are invalid beginning May 30, 2013 (after my employment with the employer who sponsored the H1B/H4 ended). Please confirm.
4) Do I need to transfer my H1B/H4? Is this a required step since I already have valid EAD/AP?
5) My understanding is that I (or the new employer) need to update my Green Card application process with the new employer's name and details. Am I correct? Is there anything else?

Thanks for your help.