View Full Version : Cruz #1586 will be on Senate floor and it has our Wish list

06-26-2013, 10:27 PM
Hi and Administrators,

Cruz #1586 (co-sponspesed by Hatch) will voted tomorrow i.e. June 27th 2013 on senate floor as per below link.

Grassley objects to consideration of managers package and votes on series of bipartisan list of amendments to Immigration bill | Senate Democrats (http://democrats.senate.gov/2013/06/26/grassley-objects-to-consideration-of-managers-package-and-votes-on-series-of-bipartisan-list-of-amendments-to-immigration-bill/)

It has all fixes we wished like

1. More EB visas
2. No STEM 5 year degree limit
3. No Country Limit etc..

And I think many more in our wish list... Some body can volunteer to find them and it is mainly for leagal and immigration visas.

I do not know when will be warren ammendment will be on senate floor.but Cruz ammendment will be there on senate floor.

Can we please call senator offices to vote in support of it?