View Full Version : Urgent help needed!! H1B Extension denied and I94 expired

06-22-2013, 01:29 PM
My H1B visa and I94 was expired on first week of May 2013.

H1B extension petition is denied on 06/20/2013. My organization is waiting for the denial notice(hopefully will receive this week) to see whether appeal is possible or not.

What all the next options I have? Can I move to a new organization B now and apply for H1B transfer?

If my current organization A is going for appeal and I'm staying in A itself, can I work and get salary during the appeal period? My petition was submitted in regular mode. How long usually appeal takes? Can I move back to India during appeal period?

Is it possible to submit a new H1B premium petition from US itself or do I need to move back to India for that? Does H1B cap apply for that if I apply a new H1B premium?

Is there any other options I have?