View Full Version : Infopass Experience at Newark to obtain emergency AP

06-19-2013, 11:29 PM
Just wanted to share my recent Infopass experience at Newark on obtaining emergency AP.

My wife and I had applied for EAD/AP in June 2012 and we had received only our approved EAD card in August 2012. In late May 2013, we came to know that my wife's brother marriage got fixed in June 2013 and my wife had booked the tickets to India to attend the evening. The flight was on Friday and when (3 days before the travel) arranging all the documents for the trip, we realized that we did not have our AP. Our EAD card was just employment card and not a combo card and clearly cannot be used for travel purpose. My wife got panicked. Next day, we called our attorney and explained the situation. Attorney spoke to USCIS and came to know what our AP was approved and was never mailed out to us as there was some confusion that they have sent combo card and there was no need to send just AP document. The attorney then quickly took an Infopass appointment at Newark and asked us to attend the local office, explain the situation and request them to issue an emergency AP.
Following morning, we appeared at Newark office along with our attorney. We spoke to the immigration officer and explained the situation of the wedding. My wife is the only girl in her family and her brother is the only sibling to her. We explained this and also mentioned that it is a traditional wedding and the bride's only sister need to do some rituals on the wedding day. The officer consulted with his supervisor, spoke to the USCIS service center and finally issued the emergency AP.

We did take the following documents to prove the situation:
1. My wife's past EAD and AP.
2. Current EAD
3. Birth certificate to show that my wife's and her brother's parents have the same name.
4. Wedding Invitation ( the wedding invitation had my wife printed on it and it helped the case very much)
5. Airline Itinerary showing the travel dates.

Overall, it was a good experience, officer was nice, listened to our concerns, and asked for relevant documents to prove the case.