View Full Version : EB2 eligibility based on degree passed date or conferred date?

05-14-2013, 02:00 PM
I passed my bachelor of engineering degree in May 2003 from India. However, I applied to receive my degree certificate in convocation of January 2006. So my degree says I have passed requisite examination for Bachelor of Engineering in "May 2003" and it also says that degree was conferred on "January 28 2006".
Now I am in US and joined my current employer in December 2010. My total work experience after passing my engineering degree and before joining my current employer is more than 5 yrs. However, if I count my work experience from Jan 28 2006(time when degree was conferred to me), it is less that 5 years. My employer wants to file my green card and my current work position is eligible for EB2. Am I eligible for Green card under EB2 from my current employer?