View Full Version : PERM is pending and H1B 6 years expiring in 2 months

05-13-2013, 12:35 PM
My PERM application was filed on 02/18/2013 and H1B 6 years expiring on 07/22/2013, this is after recapturing the time spent outside USA.

My H1B visa stamp in the passport was expired on Feb 2013. I am planning of travel to India by end of this month and then come back before 07/22/2013, then apply for H1 extension to recapture that time, this way I will get additional 1 month for PERM/I-140 process. If I go outside USA then I need to go for H1B visa stamping at the US consulate in India.

1) What are the possibility of getting a visa stamp in passport for validity less than 2 months, till 7/22/2013?
2) Is it better to go for visa stamping at Tijuana, Mexico and then travel to India?
3) Do I have any other options?