View Full Version : Notice of Intent to Revoke H1B-USCIS visitor didn't come up to my office floor

05-12-2013, 04:09 PM
Hello I have been working for a reputed American MNC for last 5+ years. I received an email from my immigiration department that they have received a Notice of intent to revoke my H1B.
The reason is, in the month of August 2012, the person from USCIS came to my client location (mentioned clearly in LCA). He did not find anyone in the reception area and did not know how to come up the 5th floor mentioned as my location in the LCA. The USCIS person never bothered to look for instructions in the reception area that clearly said that a visitor needs to call the receptionist from the phone to reach the other floors.
The letter also mentioned that USCIS sent an email to my company in the month of September 2012 and since they received no response, they have issued a notice of intent to revoke of H1B. Now my immigration department in the organization says, they never received any letter informing them USCIS is going to visit my location in the month of August. Neither did they receive any letter in September stating about their visit and not finding me.
I am still at the same client location and now need to provide all the documentational proof of my employement along with a client letter stating my job duties and tenure. I have an approved I-140 and 4 H1B extensions so far without any hiccups.
This is very frustrating. What are my chances here? How long will it take from the time of submitting all the documents to come out clean from the situation.
I am with the same employer and same client even today and at the same location. I am stuck with an inefficient USCIS contractor's act and worried. Please advise.