View Full Version : New Plan immigration bill this week!!

04-16-2013, 08:57 AM
US Senators plan to unveil immigration bill this week - El Paso Times (http://www.elpasotimes.com/newupdated/ci_23031415/us-senators-plan-unveil-immigration-bill-this-week?source=rss)

From the above link, "merit-based" visas will be set 5 years after enactment----is it too late? Also, the point system is calculated from "talent, employment and family ties"-----if people do NOT have family ties in US, it will get zero point, so is it fair?

Also, this system is calculated from "employment"-----suppose someone studied "Robotic engineering in US" but it is extremely difficult to get a job in Asian countries-----so if someone moved back to their home countries, so how can they get the point for this "employment" in order to immigrate to US?

But if the points are calculated from "how many years of stay in US?" and

Does this immigration candidate has studied in US before?-----then it will be more meaningful !!!!!! Does anyone agree with me?