View Full Version : help new born of lpr outside us

03-14-2013, 02:12 PM
hello, im new in this forum i m spouse of lawful permanent resident my case alreday completed at national visa center/nvc and now waiting for my priority date to be current
pd is april 2011 ,right now im pregnant in seven months so ill deliver my baby before my interviewi have a few question if u can ansewer me
-what will be the process for the baby if i want to bring her with me , my consulate told me to wait until getting my interview and bring it with me with following documents:

-ds 230 for new born
-fee of 230 dollard
-translated birth certificate
-passport for new born
-two pictures

i want to know how much time will take the process to get the visa with my baby?
2- how can my baby be allowed to enter consulate and do the medical report with the same appointement letter ? or they will send me new one ?