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03-05-2013, 11:17 PM

My in laws visitor visa rejected two years back at Mumbai consulate for 214(b). We are planning to re-apply now just for my mother-in-law first.

1. in DS 160 - There is question about who is going to pay for the trip ? What should we answer here - Self or my name as my wife is on H4 and don't work here.
First time we filled up as my name for paying the trip.

2. This time we are thinking to apply only for mother in law. Is it ok?

3. Also is it advisable to ask for congressman letter supporting her case? will it be any negative impact with such kind of letter?

Let us know if any more information required.

Appreciating your help on this.

Thanks and Regards,

04-19-2013, 03:18 PM
Hi Prasad,

Definitely there are cases where parents visa gets rejected and if re-applied with one at a time its more easy to get it. I have read many such cases which worked.
So you are good to go with mother-in-law first time and then try with father-in-law.

Who is sponsoring the trip doesn't matter much. You need to show valid proofs to confirm they will return to India.

I don't think letter from anyone helps here as we cannot show the letter unless it is asked.

Here is my experience, that may help you.
My parents visa was rejected first time with 214 B for not having reason to come back from USA. I agree as my sibling also stays here so to have such doubt was but obvious. From forum I got to know I should show their reason of returning to India in DS160 form itself because DS160 details is the only proof interviewer has to consider the case.

My parents are 67+ and retired. First time I just mentioned their occupation as retired but 2nd time I wrote it as Retired , Landlord, Property care taker ( he is legal caretaker of our property in India). I mentioned about their social working there.
Also mentioned their grandchildren stay with them (which is the fact).
Don't every lie as officers can catch you anyhow.

We really practiced a lot of QA session. Consulates ask very few questions so instead of having only one word answer, we preferred to provide as much as related information.
For eg: How many children you have? I have 3 children out of which 2 are staying in US and one in India. One is coming to India permanently in November.

Consulate asked usual questions, asked for my passport copy though my spouse was sponsoring the trip.
1. Who stays in US
2. Who is sponsoring the trip?
3. Where he works?
4. Where will you stay?
5. how many children you have?
6. Show passport of Daughter.

My parents answered as planned with confidence, with eye contact to consulate and Visa got approved!!!

Wish you good luck for your in-laws visa.