View Full Version : H1B approval notice with I94

02-11-2013, 07:49 PM

I applied H4 to H1B last year June 2012. I have received the H1B approval notice without I94 card on Nov 29th 2012. I never traveled out of US during this time period.

I was told by my employer that they filed my case under consulate processing instead of COS. They realized that they incorrectly filed my case and called USCIS to make a correction to the appropriate option which was change-of-status as the beneficiary has been in the country on H4. USCIS (VSC) gave a case number for the request for the same. This was while her case was still under process. We have subsequently received my H1B approval notice but it has the consulate information (I-797B) instead of COS with I-94 (I-797 A) with it.

Is there way we could check my COS application status with USICS? How long does take it for them to send approval notice with I-94?

Has anyone encountered the same kind of issue?

What are my options here?