View Full Version : Perm filed after H1B expiry

01-09-2013, 09:51 AM
My husband's H1B 6yrs including vacations will be over by march 2013. The
attorney is filing for his PERM in May 2013 :(
What are the options if he wants to stay back or come back to the US
after a brief stay outside US

1. Considering he travesl outside US before his H1expiry, Are there any
options of extending his H1b once i140 is approved or does he have to
stay out for 365 days for a fresh H1?

2. In the above scenarios, will he have to go through the H1B cap ?

3. If he switches over to an h4 (dependent on me) can he move back to h1
once his i140 gets approved

4. Does he have the option of switching to a L1 now and moving back to H1
once his I140 gets approved?

Any other option that you can help me with in this regard, will truly
appreciate it!