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01-05-2013, 03:38 PM
My husband came here in August 2008. We were married April 2009. he was advised by a lawyer to say he had never been married before he came to the US. My husband had only obtained an Islamic divorce from his ex wife. Our first interview was Jan 2009 and he was placed in adjudication status. We believe it is because I was married to another man from the same country in 1981-1992. We have gotten no where and had been told to just wait. We even went to our congressmen to assist to no avail. They did an unannounced home inspection in June of 2012 and said we would be receiving the green card. We were sent a biometric for finger prints and photos. Our status was updated that we were in card documentation, and now we received a notice to appear for a second interview next week.
They are asking for divorce papers for both he and I. (I slipped and said he may have been married before, but I did not know any details.) I was just caught off guard. Any way we really dont know how to answer the question about his prior marriage since he did not say he was married on his application. We just bought a home last month and the lawyers are scaring us to death. We think because they want a reason to charge us more money if we withdraw the petition and start over. I am no longer employed so I would not be able to prove financials. If the petition is withdrawn he will loose his work permit. Any help out there. We want to do the right thing, its just scary right now