View Full Version : 1099 from first employer during H1B transfer

01-04-2013, 03:39 PM
I have a strange situation. I am in H1 status. I was working for company A and then got a job offer from company B. B started my H1B transfer process and then then I quit company A on November 23st 2012. My joining date in new company was on December 3rd 2012. My H1B transfer was approved on November 29th 2012. So there was a week between my resignation in company A and joining in company B.

During the gap week of November 26th to November 30th, I was requested to do some pending works and knowledge transfer in company A as a contractor and I was paid hourly(40 hours for that week - 1099). Company A told me that this was legal.

During the week when I did 1099 work, I was not an employee with any company, and my transfer was approved in the middle of that week.

Just wanted to double check in this forum, if this is legal.

Thanks in advance for your opinions..