View Full Version : Permanent resident card expired

11-30-2012, 07:35 PM
My husband`s permanent resident card expired and was going to turn it in and go back to his tourist status. The country to his passport belongs to the visa waiver program. He went to turn it in at the consulate and was told not to because he would lose his social security etc. He replied that he was not interested but was talked into keeping it. He informed them that he was going to the US to visit family what should he do and they said he could enter as a tourist with the ESTA approval. Well he got the ESTA. I was still not sure if this was possible so I asked an immigration officer and he said that it would not be possible he would have to get an extention (good for one year) from the consulate to enter the US. Which is it?? We donīt want any problems when he enters as I am a US citizen. We do not live in the US by the way so his resident card is not important for us. PLEASE ADVISE!!!!:confused: