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11-18-2012, 06:30 AM
Please see the following link:

Georgia Immigration Law Slows Licensing of Doctors - ABC News

Personally I do think if all health professionals need to have green card and then renewal their health professional licenses----the most worsely affected individuals I think are "foreign students". If such cases happened, I think no foreign students should be allowed to study health care academic majors in US maybe better than don't grant green cards to them. It is because most foreign students will get stuck in this green card issue. Georgia is NOT the only state to set this new law. In some states, they have already set "all health professional licenses should be granted to green card holders" a few years ago. That's why those health professional graduates get stuck in this green card issue and cannot get H-1B visa or getting H-1B visa very late and the H-1B visa quota was full. Then they back home without choices. After back home, since they don't have US licenses and they can't take another license exam in their home countries and their US graduated health degrees are useless for them to get a medical job. They waste money and time to study those health degrees.

In Canada, all health professionals such as pharmacy, nursing, physical therapy are having green cards. So why US don't offer green cards to those health professional degrees foreign students? Also, most of those graduates pay a very expensive tuition fees and from a wealthy family---so why don't offer them green cards for improving US economy? It is because they have money to buy houses and set up companies to create jobs.

Also, I do think if US set a channel for graduates to immigrate to US and bring inflow of money to US---US economy will dramatically and vigorously increase the monetary income instantly because they can set up companies in US to create jobs to hire at least one to three US citizens. Unluckily no one have presented this issue to Congress for considerations!!!!!!!!!

Hope someone presents this issue to Congress for immigration considerations!!!!!!!!