View Full Version : Fired on H1B; but have to go to India

11-06-2012, 10:42 AM
I am in a crunch situation. I got fired by my employer 2 days back and my last working day is 11/22 (16 days from now). I am on H1B (I-797). I have to attend my brother's wedding on 11/19 in India. Here are my questions -

1) Is it safe to go to India, get stamping done and come back to the US before 11/22? Note that I'm theoretically an employee of my company till 11/22. I booked air tickets, visa stamping appt at US consulate in India long back.

2) Assuming I get a job in the next 1 week, can I file H1-B transfer after I return on 11/22?

3) Fall back option: Can I file for COS to B2 I-539 on 11/22 after I return?

Thanks in advance for your valuable advice!