View Full Version : Extension of B-1 Visa

10-06-2012, 09:57 AM
Hi, I am in US currently doing observership on a B-1 Visa which is valid for 10 yrs. On the PoE they asked me reason of visit and I stated that I am here to do observership for 3 months and give my USMLE step 2 CS exams. After a few questioning they granted me a 4 months stay (15 Aug to 15 Dec).

Now, since there has been delay in USMLE medical residency interview. I would like to extend my visa till Jan end to attend those interviews.

So what is te best way? Apply for 45 days extension (still would not have crossed 6 months limit) or go back home in dec and come back in Jan (after 25 days and expensive).

PS: I had two rejections for B-1/B-2 and was granted 10yrs multiple on 3rd try.