View Full Version : L-1b / L2 visa Extension while waiting for H-1b approval

09-08-2012, 05:50 PM
Hello Everyone,

I really appriciate your advise......

Currently I'm working with my Company based on L-1 visa. My L-1 visa ( Wife L-2) will expire next year June-2013. My employer will consider filing H-1 ( Wife H-4) for me but for next year ( Filing H-1 on April-1st-2013). I learned from this form that, H-1 will approved for next year qouta on Oct. I mean that, I will have a gap between L-1 expiration 06/2013 and waiting for H-1 approval 10/2013. What's the best advise to cover this out of status gap? Extend L-1 to cover ( heared alot of rejection, what's the chance).....Apply for a new 2 years L-1 visa stamp ( by June-2013 I will only got the 3 years L-1 visa, learned that, it shall be extended to 5 years)...