View Full Version : Revoking approved H1b

09-02-2012, 04:00 PM
I was working for company A on OPT and they applied for H1B. I left the company A for company B in the middle of H1B process. I am working for company B on pending STEM OPT extension. Recently I got email for previous company A saying they have notified the USCIS about me leaving their company but they have not revoked the H1b. The H1B will be effective from 10/1/12. I read online I will be out of status if H1B is not timely revoked before 10/1/12.

What are my options? How long it usually take H1b to be revoked. Do I have to leave country on 10/1/12 if H1b is not revoked by then? Is there any thing my new company B can do in the meantime?