View Full Version : Green card and life please help

08-15-2012, 09:22 AM
Good morning all. I have few questions I'd like to ask about marrige and obtaining a green card. I was only 9 when I came to USA. I finished high school with pretty good grades. But after high school, I can't do much. I can't really find a good job. I can't really help my girlfriend with money. We would both like to get an appartment together and start a life slowly. I'm currently 21 years old and my girlfriend is 18. I try and work as much as I can under the table. Been working since 15, and I know everyone is suppose to work but god do I wish for an easier life. When I was 18 I got into little trouble. I know there is no excuses, but let me explain. I was young, lost and stupid. Hanging out with wrong people doing sophomorical things. I got arrested for possesion and paraphanelia. It was under 50 grams. The officer gave me three tickets, unlicensed driver ect and two charges. Then while waiting for court I got blamed again for another incident because I was in a back of a car while my friends had marijuana. My lawyer used a PTI in NJ for both incidents. I went through probation and payed my fines. It was a misdemeanor. I don't know exactly how a PTI works and misdemeanor but from what I heard I was lucky. And everything worked out. I didn't get introuble through my probation and was never late on any fines. I understand what I did. And I am a good character person. I respect people. I help elderly people, kids as much as I can. I changed my life around. I'm trying to work. Keep my body healthy. I love my girlfriend. Her parents do know and understand my situation. But I'm not sure how they feel about marrige. I know it ain't about me,because heck I'm nobody here. And I understand. I don't want to pressure my girl into anything. But she insists on helping. I'd really like to join NATIONAL GUARD. I have friends who are in army, my brother that I never had I shall say. I have a buddy in the navy. I'd like to get married. Get my green card, join National Guard and work. I also want to become a police officer in NJ. I talked to couple officers and they both said those incidents shouldn't affect me, but who knows. I'm young and lost. Don't have much money but some. I don't know where to start and how things will turn out. I want the best for my girl for me and for everyone around me. People make mistakes. I did, and I learned from it. I'm honest. Hard working. Never turn down a manual labor job. Strong and healthy. I tried community college but it's to expensive and to risky to drive with out a DL. Please help me let me know where I should go and look into and all. Please.