View Full Version : Approved I-140 --Can Priority date be ported even if I-140 is revoked by curren emp

08-07-2012, 07:42 PM
Hi Experts,

I have I-140 approved with PD 2010 Sep . Now I wish to take a full time job.

My questions:

1. If my current employer does not agree to continue the GC and would cancel my approved I-140. My I-140 got approved almost 1.5 year back. In this case can he cancel my I-140. Can it prevent me from porting/using my PD from the existing/older employer. So is Valid I-140 required before porting Prority date with new employer’s GC process.

2. If my I-140 company agree to keep my I-140 and file I-485 & GC when my PD becomes current while I work for another company. If so once I get my GC should I need to join the company and work for them for 6 months or so?

3. Would the H1-Extension and H1-Transfer be applied at the same time with my new employer since my H1- is expiring in Feb 2013

Please let me know, as I urgently need this information