View Full Version : Statuse illigal or legal?

06-23-2012, 08:08 AM
I had some charges from my X (not too serious).

At that time I was on student visa when I got those charges, by mistake I apply for limited purpose visa and I got that.

Immigration won't give me any other visa once I plead guilty. Before I got any sentence immigration order me to leave the country or face removal?

I shocked, I called immigration office and said how I can leave the country, the passport hold by police and what about my charges. (they said we don't know)

I was in position where I cannt live the country or live inside the country!

after finish my sentence they deport me the reason that I was illegal.

How its possible someone illegal (my bail condition (issued by court) was that I have to live on particular address, inside the country. and I have to attend the court on particular date).

I end up with cry in plan! I still don't know what I can do or not.
Thank for reading.