View Full Version : Waiting for EAD. A question about volunteering.

06-21-2012, 10:11 PM
I have a question, to which I have received contradictory answers. I have filed for I-485, with an underlying I-140 (EB-2). I did this before my J-1 visa expired and was issued the receipts. My visa has now expired and I am currently waiting for an EAD card, so I am unable to work but am in legal status in the United States.

I worked as a researcher for a for-profit organization—this is the company that has sponsored my I-140. The organization for which I worked has a blog, to which I contributed—as did many others. There was no pay for contributing to the blog. Nobody who contributes to it is paid. But it is associated with my employer and it is a big part of their appeal.

My question: Can I continue voluntarily contributing to the blog, or would that be seen as "working"?

Thank you for your time,