View Full Version : Multiple GC applications question (EB3 & EB2)

06-19-2012, 11:59 AM
I am currently on EAD working for company "A". I have a pending adjustment of status (I-485) application based on my EB3. My I-140 is approved. My priority date is in 2003.

I am planning to file a NEW Green Card application in EB2 category for company "B" while continue working for company "A". As green card is a future job, I am assuming it will be considered as a separate application and would not affect my existing job or current EB3 application (I-485)? I would like to validate my assumption.

What’s involved in porting the priority date once my new Labor & new I-140 is approved under company "B"?

Also, once my green card is approved do I need to take a full time job with company B or can I work part time with company B and still continue to work at company A?

How quickly I need to join company B once my green card is approved with company B and continue for how long?