View Full Version : L1B Vias Holder got Laid off

06-17-2012, 11:19 AM
I was working for a XYZ company and got laid off 2 weeks back. I was working on an L1B visa which is valid untill 2014. How long i can stay in the US as i have recived an offer from the a NEW company which comes under the same parent company. (EX: 123 is parent company and XYZ and NEW are the two seprate legal entities under it). To make my visa valid, some paper work is being done by the NEW company. In this case, if i travel back home and come to US will there be any issues or it is ok for me to continue staying untill I know the result? This will take 3 more weeks and totally it makes 1 month for me and do you think is this fine? Also, if I want to go back to my home country, will XYZ company sponsor my tickets?