View Full Version : First POE with valid H1B VISA with different Petitioner I-797

06-08-2012, 02:39 PM

Currently I am working in country India with company A and having I-797 and visa stamped with this company A. I never traveled with this VISA. Now I got US job offer letter from company B which is located in both USA and country India.

1. Before traveling to USA do I need to transfer I-797(petition) with company B?
2. Do I need VISA stamped again with company B before traveling to USA?
3. If VISA stamp not required again for the new company B, then will there be any problem at POE(port of entry) ?
4. In this transfer senario what all documents do I need to carry with me at POE?

Please let me know this matter as early possible as company B is asking me to travel USA imediately.

Thanks in advance for your help.