View Full Version : I140 (EB-2) Approved, After 4 years Denied(REvoked)

05-28-2012, 11:17 AM
My I-140 (EB-2) approved in August 2008 and denied(revoked) in 2012. After 4 years.

Invoked AC-21 in 2009 when I-485 was pending for almost 360 days.

My previous employer is saying, he never withdraw or revoked my I-140.

I am trying to find the reason why after 4 years my I-140 was denied (revoked).

Education Evaluators evaluated my Indian Degrees equivalent to Masters.

Mentioned below is the summary of my education:
Bachelors. 3 year degree

Pgdbm specialization in information systems from aima

Pgd in information technology specialization in e-commerce from aima

2 years NIIT