View Full Version : Marriage on EAD/AP with Valid H1 Petition but No VISA STAMPED

05-04-2012, 01:16 PM

I am expecting my EAD/AP in couple of weeks from now. I am currently on H1 with a valid extension till 2015. I do not have a valid visa since my previous visa expired on 03/01/2012. If I go out of the country now, i have to get my H1 stamped which is a big risk.

Can I travel on AP to get married without going for H1 stamping? If yes, then what is the process of bringing my spouse to US? Would there be any issues? If not, what are the other available/feasible avenues?

I might have to travel out of country atleast/minimum for 2 times for getting married because of personal issues/dependencies. Can I use AP for both times or should I have to get married in one trip and bring my spouse to US

Once I use my AP for traveling, would my H1 be suspended and EAD gets activated automatically.

Please also comment on detailed process of bringing my spouse?