View Full Version : H4 to H1b and F1 parallely

05-02-2012, 05:22 PM
Hi ,

Currently, I am on H4 visa and found a sponsor (Desi compnay) who will file my h1B visa this year as n accountant/CPA. Meanwhile I have got admission to one university and received I-20 docs.

I am in a situation where looks like I'll have to file my h4 to F1 by mid May-2013 so that I can join fall smester at the same time I want to file H4 to H1b by end of the May ( assuming this year's h1b quota will expire by June).


1) Can I file bith h4 to F1 and H4 to H1b during the same month?

2) If yes does that impact my approval process?

3) and if F1 got approved first , will they stop processing my H1b? If not , then after h1b approval also , what will be my valid visa status?

PS: I am assuming it amy take more than 3 months to get h4 to F1, and H1b quota will be over by Jun-2013.

Thanks for your help in advance