View Full Version : I-765 problems (EAD)

04-22-2012, 04:12 PM
I came to this country on a K-1 visa and got married within the 90 day requirement. Soon thereafter my husband became a violent man. I ended up getting a divorce after living apart for 2 years and before he filed for my I-485 and now I have exhausted all efforts in getting a change of status as a battered spouse. My work permit expired while I was still trying to complete my change of status, and now that my change of status has been denied I don't know if I can get a work permit to keep my job. While my I-485 was still being processed w/ the I-360 I knew I had to renew my work permit before it expired so I applied for a renewal for my work permit. I received a letter from USCIS stating my final appeal had been rejected and that due to that my application for renewal of work permit was denied as well. It states this decision is without prejudice fo future application for a work permit. Does this mean I can re-apply all over again for a new work permit? I bought a home on my own with just a work permit but now I face losing my home if I can't get a work permt. Very confused!!! What to do?