View Full Version : Travel preparation to India self on AP, Kids on H4

04-03-2012, 02:39 PM

Can someone please take the time to respond to my questions. I'd appreciate it very much.

My kids and I will be traveling to India in July for 6 weeks. My Husband (Primary Applicant/ H1B visa holder) will join me later for 10 days. While I have an EAD and will be traveling on AP, my kids are on H4. How can I prepare myself for this travel in terms of documents to be carried / visa appointments etc. Are visa appointments easily available since my husband will be in India only for 10 days. What documents will I need to carry for myself, husband and kids for:
1) Visa stamping in India (kids and Husband)
2)Re-entry to U.S (all of us)

Please help!