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03-23-2012, 06:17 AM
Hi there,
I moved legally from France to Florida in October 1995, I lived and worked permanently there until April 2002. In august 2000 I became a U.S. citizen.

May 2011, My wife, my baby girl and I went to our U.S. Consulate to register our baby and also to apply for a SSN and a U.S passport.

2 local agents with the presence of our U.S consul verified:
My American passport, my U.S. voter identification, my citizenship certificate and several official documents proving that I have permanently lived in the U.S soil for almost 7 years.
Then they made me complete to forms and asked me to pay the appropriate fees.

After that our U.S. consulate administration kept calling me by phone and sending emails:

These the list of the official documents I sent them:
--- Primary proves of evidences:
1 - Transcript of schedule of work from SSA; 1996,97,98,99 and 2000
2 - Copies of Tax return that I still had in my possession, 1999 and 2000
3 - Copy of my Florida Id issued in 1996
4 - Copy of my first work permit issued by the INS office in F.L. in 1996
5 - Copy of my F.L .driver license issued in 1997.

--- Secondary proves of evidences:
1 - A contract and schedule of payments under my name from a nationwide landlord company showing that I have lives in the same Apt during 4 years and 8 months
2 - Several banking and financial documents from 1996 to 2002.
3 - Several paid bills...
4 - My U.S passport showing that I was in the U.S. until April 2002.

After all that our Abroad administration sent an email asking
"WE NEED MORES PROVES of evidence and you need to pay the same fees again"

Would that be possible for any body telling me what to do or giving some decent legal advices ?