View Full Version : 485 filed in Dec 2012, Feb 2008 Eb2 PD and Company acquired/Change

03-22-2012, 12:27 PM
I filed 485 on Dec 12/2011 with a PD of Feb 2008. FP was on 02/17/2012 and EAD card was received on 02/08/2012.
I work for a US company. Now our Parent company acquired a new company, Company B and changed our Reporting Structure. Company A filed for my Green Card.

Me -> Company A -> Parent Company

now it is going to be Me -> Company B -> Parent Company.

Company A is still with the Parent company. Salary and benefits remain the same.

Even though our reporting structure is changed now, our Payroll and benefits will remain with Company A for some more time( may be a month), but will be from the new company in a month or so. Do we need to do refile I-140 or some thing? We are almost in the last minute run for GC and they are moving us to the new company and new Payroll in a month or so.

Do we need to refile I-140 or any thing, if we do not get the GC in a month.