View Full Version : EB3 to EB2 typographical error

03-15-2012, 09:37 AM
Hi - I work for a company A ( fortune 250). My company filed my PERM in September 2008.

Please see my education and experience details below :

1. b.Sc computers ( 3 yrs ) + Master of computer applications ( 3 yrs) from India. I completed my masters in 2001 , but I got the degree certificate in 2003. The master degree says that I completed and passed the exam in 2001.

2. My job stated in PERM requires Bachelors plus five years of experience in computers.

3. I have relevant job experience from 2001 Jan until May end 2006 before joining the company in may end 2006. Jan 2001 to May 2001 was gained as a part of final semester internship working 40hours .

4. Company filed my I 140 in EB3 category in october 2008.

5. I requested my company to do my green card in EB2 category , and they filed ONLY my I140 again EB2 in Jan 2012 stating typographical error as the reason with USCIS. They said we may not have to do PERM again since the original PERM satisfied the requirements for EB2.

6. I am currently employed with the same company.

I would like to know what are the chances of my EB2 I 140 getting approved.

I will really appreciate if someone could please answer my questions.