View Full Version : Google Adsense on Blog using EAD

03-12-2012, 01:45 PM
Now, that I've received EAD, I was thinking about starting an ad-supported blog. I do know that Google asks for your SSN so that it can send the 1099 form for tax filing. So here is my question:

I'm currently on H1, valid through May 2012. I still plan on working full-time for my GC sponsoring employer. Blog will be just a hobby, that I would love to convert into a revenue, if everything pans out. Will earning money on blog require me to change my status from H1 to AOS with my employer?

Of course, this question will go away as soon as I receive GC. I've applied for I-485 in November 2011. But, I wanted to understand any implications for doing this on EAD before I take the plunge.