View Full Version : Received EAD with the start date from Aug 2012.

03-12-2012, 11:03 AM
I have applied EAD dated on Jan 26, 2012 . I got the Approval Notice on March 7th and the valid period printed as 8/23/2012 to 09/05/2014 on that approval notice.

Just I want to check with USCIS regarding this starting period of EAD [8/23/2012-After 5 month from the current date] whether is it a clerical mistake or not. Is there any possibility to have the starting date as current date to avoid the 5 month waiting period. I believe that the start date which suppose to start from the date where EAD approved

I had attached all the required valid supporting documents which I submitted for this process. I have valid Visa from Oct 11, 2011 to 05, Sep 2014.

Thanks in Advance!

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