View Full Version : Am I EB2 eligible

03-02-2012, 02:03 AM
I have a regular bachelor's degree (4-year) in Comp Sc from India.I joined company X in Feb 2006.Before that I had 2.5 yrs of experience.The company X sent me to US on L1 in Aug 2009 (.e after 3.5 yrs of joining).I worked for that company in US till december 2011 and then shifted to another company on H1.Now if I join company X in US (on H-1 ) then will the experience of 3.5 yrs (2006-2009) I gained working for X in India would be considered for calculating the yrs of exp I need for my GC filing (BS +5).

what I gained from forums is that if I rejoin X , then the exp between 2009-2011 won't be considered .But am I fine considering the exp from Feb 2006-Aug 2009 ? If I consider this I would have total of 5yrs 11 months of exp before I landed in US.

Some of the forums say that the exp (while working in India for same company) can be considered.