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02-27-2012, 02:19 PM
I have filed my I485 (AOS) case on Dec 1st, 2011 the case is still pending with USCIS. Along with AOS, we have filed for EAD and Advance Parole, which got approved and I have physical EAD/AP on my hand. And I have valid H1B petition (No H1B Stamp, current stamp expired on).

I have situation back at, I need to travel to India immediately this week end I am not willing to go for stamping of H1B. I would like to start using my EAD/AP.

Now, I have following questions:

1. Can I travel to INDIA and come back in 2 weeks without any port of entry issues by using my EAD/AP card?
3. If yes, what all the documentation that need to carry with me, which are required at POE on my return?
3. What if my I-485 gets approved while I am in India? On what status I should try to enter into USA on my return?
4. In the #3 case, do I need to visit US embassy in INDIA to get the immigration stamping?
5. If yes, what is the procedure?
6. Are there any other complexities involved this scenario, which I canít think of?

Kindly make some time to reply in detail ASAP

02-27-2012, 04:03 PM
1) Yes
2) Just your Passport and your valid EAD/AP card
3) There is no reason why you should not be able to enter the US on a valid AP if your 485 does get approved in the meanwhile.
4) If you want to get I 550 stamped on your passport- you are going to have to go to the embassy, just like H1B
5) embassies in india have been acting real strange lately, turning down approved 797 citing 221 g- although i don't know of an approved immigrant visa petition being turned down, that is the only risk i can remotely perceive.

02-27-2012, 04:09 PM
you don't need to visit consulates in india even if your 485 gets approved.

ON your return back during secondary interview at POE, Visa officer would figure out that your 485 has been approved and enter you inside USA as permanent resident.