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02-18-2012, 08:04 PM
Hi there

I just got my I-94 correction done at a local CBP office in TX. Just thought of posting assuming it can be helpful to atleast one person who is in a similar situation.

My Case: I had my first H1B filed in Oct 2008 with my first employer ABC. I visited India in 2009 and got my H1B stamping done. After returning USA, in 2010 I changed my employer and got a new H1B with my new company XYZ. Later on in early 2011 I visited India. However this time I did not go for stamping as my previous employer (ABC) H1B is valid till Sep 2011 and my visa is still valid till Sep 2011. However when I returned USA in early 2011, at Port Of Entry even though I submitted my new H1B document the CBP officer stamped my I-94 card with a date of Sep 2011 instead of new H1b date of 2013. Even though I noticed that immediately I did not worry much assuming it should be that way as my passport visa page has that date. Howver I recently came to know that this passport I-94 date has to match my new H1B petition I-94 date (bottom portion of H1B petition). However it was late by the time I realized but never too late to get it corrected. Technically speaking I went out of status in Sep 2011. But as I did not overstay more than 180 days I did some online research and contacted local CBP office. I explained the officer my situation and he got it corrected within 5 minutes. I am really thankful to the CBP officer. If anyone feel i can give more information please send an email and i can share my experience.


01-25-2013, 09:25 PM
I have applied SSN 2+ week before as of now they did not update me the status. When i explore in the google i found that it is mistake from my side.

I have kept it family name as blank in I-94 since i thought they are referring those who are having family name.

Actually my port of entry is at lanta but right now i am in texas san anotonio. It is very difficult me to travel back to at lanta office to update in my I-94. Could you please advice is there any way to do this updation in texas itself or any chance can we do it online.

It is something urgent, kindly please update in this form or send me your email - id or contact number.

Thanks for understanding

01-25-2013, 09:43 PM
I had a similar issue. I did not write my full name in I-94 and at the time of SSN the names in passport and I-94 were not matching. My POE was in Atlanta and I visited the local CBP office in Atlanta. They gave me a new I-94 with the proper correction.

I suggest that you first try to contact the nearest CBP office in TX and ask them for help. If they refuse and say that you have to come to Atlanta then there is no other option that I am aware of.

Hope that helps. Thanks!

01-25-2013, 10:01 PM
I hope mr.rag has some solution. Rag please let me know how you have fixed your issue.