View Full Version : Trapped by desi consultant

01-23-2012, 12:22 AM
Few months back as I was unaware of us market, I came across one consultancy company. Verbally they given me lots of assurance then they sent NDA which I ask them to
change. some points they agreed. Till that time I didn't signed any contract.
I joined client site but as they didn't have required doc (certificate) with them they sent me other agreement of sister concern company.
I signed as after couple of months the sent one more agreement to sign of same (second) company with some more terms and 10months contract, I singed that one also.
As per that agreement they need to pay me at some specified date and also file H1 for me.
My H1 was applied from first company also they never pay me on-time.Also the they provides paystubs after a month with the name of first company.
I am on EAD which is alid till year ean and I want to leave that company.
My question is can they take any legal action as I think the contract which I've signed is breach by themselves only. Also if they stop my salary where I can report ?
Please help it is urgent.

01-24-2012, 12:24 AM
You can file case against them in DOL. But before that you land yourself some safer job.
Another about contract breach.. do not worry much.. These type of consulting companies generally do not have guts to knock on legal benches..