View Full Version : Update from the first teleconf on 12/23

12-27-2006, 03:39 PM
It was a pleasure having you all on the conference
call on saturday. Thanks for taking time off to attend
the call. Here are the action items as we discussed --

AI 0: to prepare the contact sheet for state
chapter members and coordinate the activities.
AI 1: (All members) to put effort for "Add a member
campaign" and "contribution campaign". Encourage new
members to contribute.
AI 2: to compile a list of all senators and
congressman in Massachusetts. (If any of the members
are from NH we would need their assistance to prepare
similar list for their state). This list will consist
of names, contact numbers, email and their stance on
immigration. If any of you have information in this
regard please forward to Syed.
AI 3: identify and contact newspaper, blog,
local universities for IV publicity.
AI 4: to prepare a list of places to
distribute flyers and bring more members to IV.

Action items have been assigned to individuals with assistance provided from all members. In-person meeting will be scheduled very soon.