View Full Version : Work for green card sponsoring employer

01-12-2012, 07:19 AM
1) I have heard after getting the green card, it is advisable to work for atleast 6 months for the sponsoring employer.

Here is my case. I got my green card on 1 Jun 2011 (Was filed in Aug 2007, and I was primary) And my wife got green card on 15th Dec 2011 (Was Filed in 25 May 2011 and was dependent application).

Do I need to wait for 6 months after my wife's green card or 6 months after my green card. Please let me know? I know there is no written rule for this, but just want to play safe.

2) Can I register my consulting company and do consulting through that. I am in IT field. Is there any issue in doing that? And what company type is advisable (S-CORP or LLC)?

01-12-2012, 11:11 AM
There is not actual law or rule that says 6 months, the law says that the employee should show that he intended to be permanently employed by the company and the definition of permanency has not be ascertained.
The 6 months countdown is from the time you got your green card, your wife's green card does not have any implications on your "clock".

I do not have personal experience and my knowledge is from personal anecdotes of other people.