View Full Version : Maintaining Green Card. Travel from India , permit to re-enter ?

01-05-2012, 02:13 AM
Few years after getting my green card, I have moved to India permanently. I have been travelling to USA quite frequently ever since because of my work. However, the situation has changed now and I don't need to travel to the USA anymore for work. If I do, it will be an out of pocket expense for me. So I have some questions about it.

1) How long can I stay outside the USA at a stretch, is it 6 months or an year ?
2) IF I cannot travel to the USA from India within the above mentioned time limit, what are my options ?
3) I have some confusion between S-B1 visa, I-327 Permit to re-enter and I-131 ? Can you provide some clarification about it ?
4) Also, if I have used the permit to re-enter once, can I apply for it again ?
5) Also, is this something that one can do on his own or do I need to hire a lawyer for this.

Thanks much in advance.