View Full Version : H1 B Transfer--- PLEASE HELP

12-26-2011, 11:26 AM

I entereted USA on F1 visa in 2007 dec, graduated in 2011may, & started my OPT which was valid till may 2012, I started working for an employer "DD" august 15, The employer filed my H1 B .
After working for an employer, I quite the job on oct 27, my last pay check is dated Nov 03.
The employer "DD" didn't withdraw my H1 B petition and my H1 got approved on Dec 14.

I got a new job with employer "MM" who wants me to start ASAP.

M I out of status from Dec 14- dec 26( current date/ todays day) ?
What should I do?
Can I H1 B be transferred?
What are my options.

MY husband is on F1, should I go on F2

I am NOT associated with IT

please help