View Full Version : Shall I renew AP or not? Advice Please

12-20-2011, 05:38 PM
I visited India in Nov and entered on AP.

My current AP is expiring on 27th Jan 2012 and I have to travel to India in 1 Feb 2012 (sis wedding). My PD is current since Nov and I just received a letter for biometric for Jan 14 2012. I did not apply for AP thinking I will get the GC before current one expires.

I e-filed for I-131 few days back (paid fees online) because I read somewhere that it take 10 days to renew and when I was about to send the documents I am confused if I did the right thing to e-file. What should I do...

- Shall I send additional docs for my e-filed application and hope I receive the AP in mail before I leave?
- Dont send additional documents for AP at all. The reason being if I leave the country with AP pending, it may be considered abandoned. Are there any implication on pending I-485?
- I should rather prepare myself to get the H1-B visa stamp on passport to re-enter from India.

Please advice